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Change the Xfinity Admin Tool Password

Protecting your wireless network is one of the first steps you have to take in order to stop other people using your Internet connection, altering your network settings, or even worse stealing your private information and files. All the necessary steps for securing the wireless network can be performed from the Admin Tool. Since the … Read more

How To Reset Netgear Router To Factory Settings

Netgear is a tremendously reliable company, which has been in the router industry for an extensive period of time. If you’re a Netgear customer, you are likely familiar with the company’s reliable customer service and fairly simplistic routers. Of course, not everyone is a tech-genius and many individuals will need a bit of assistance, while … Read more

How To Log In To Netgear Router – A Complete Guide

Have you just invested in a brand new Netgear router? Congratulations, you’ve made a wise decision! Netgear is a highly reputable company and the majority of their routers are absolutely exceptional. Of course, you’ll need to proceed through the setup and installation process, before you can begin utilizing your new router. In order to do … Read more

Testing the Computer-Router Connection

The ping command is a handy little utility in Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. This diagnostic utility sends a request (a signal, packets of data) to a specific target (router’s default IP address or website URL) and measures the number of replies versus the number of sent signals, and the time between the … Read more

Ping -t Explained

Have you ever been in a situation to have some networking or internet connectivity problems? Have you checked your router LED lights and connections and everything seemed normal? Well, when we have to deal with network problems we can say that the PING command is a very useful tool. Sometimes the reasons for networking problems … Read more