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Change Your Xfinity or Comcast Wi-Fi Name and Password

The last thing you want to do when it comes to your own home network is to leave it unprotected. Not only it will make it easy for other people to use your internet connection without your consent, but they will have the chance to get access to your personal files, login details, and other sensitive data you would never want to share.

These are the reasons why would you want to secure your wireless home network and one of the first thing would be to change your Xfinity or Comcast Wi-Fi name and password.

How to Change Your Xfinity or Comcast Wi-Fi Name

The login process is already explained in this article but here is a brief summary of the login procedure.

  1. Launch your favorite browser.
  2. In the URL tab enter the default IP. In this case type:
  3. If nothing happens or you see an error message check whether is indeed your router default IP address.
  4. When the login page appears type the default username and password. It’s usually admin for the username, and password for the password.

Username: admin

Password: password

When you finally login to the router admin tool web page, it’s time to locate the page where you can change the Wi-Fi name.

  1. After you login to the router go to Gateway and select Connection and choose Wi-Fi.
change settings
  1. Click on the Edit button.
  2. Enter a new Network name and Password and don’t forget to save the settings.
change ssid password

After you click the SAVE button it is important to write down the new Wi-Fi password because you’ll have to update the wireless password for all the devices currently connected to your wireless home network.


As you can see, changing the default Xfinity or Comcast Wi-Fi Name and Password is not difficult at all. However, after you change these default settings, you will drastically increase the overall security of your wireless home network. In this case the saying “Better safe than sorry” comes to its full meaning.

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